We have a great new product for every day good health - Metagenics

It is called Metagenics and it knocks it out of the park as a vitamin and mineral delivery system.

We all know that stress, inadequate rest and a lack of excercise weaken a healthy immune system. Metagenics allows us to "even the playing field." Their patent pending Immune Active Formula delivers the vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy immune response.

Metagenics is the perfect complement to our practice of providing a natural approach to your health and wellness goals.

Metagenics Immune Active Formula provides high potency vitamin C and zinc and features quercetin, NAC, and EGCG.

According to Healthline and Medical News Today, quercetin, NAC, and EGCG are powerful supplements that may benefit health by reducing inflammation, may contribute to longevity, and may play a role in improving neurological cell function.

We recommend Metagenics as part of a wellness plan filled with vitamins and minerals to enhance a healthy immune system.

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